Bramdean Advisory

When an entrepreneur starts a company and it has been successful, there is a point when he or she and the funders may want to arrange an exit.  At this point, there will be three choices:

  • List the company on the stock exchange 

  • Sell to a trade buyer

  • Sell to a private equity buyer

Bramdean Advisory helps companies decide what the right route is to achieve this type of exit. Our team has long experience of working with companies and focuses on a handful of deals each year to ensure that each client gets the attention that it deserves.  

At the start of the process, Bramdean Advisory does a full analysis of the business, its clients, suppliers, and overall prospects.  It then establishes a value for the business.  If the business is to be sold, Bramdean Advisory prepares a document for potential buyers setting out the attractions of the business.  It then works with those who have a firm interest to establish which might be the right partner for the business going forward.  

To find out more about Bramdean Advisory, please contact Nick Thurlow